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Activities for children. Games: Guess who I am.

"Guess who I am" is a funny activity to enhance speaking skill. This activity is done in pairs.

Activities for kids
Guess who I am

Duration: 30 minutes.

Description: One of the students choose a kid from the other slide: Robert, Susan, Elizabeth, Michael, Daniel, Ann, Mary or JohnThe other student have to guess it asking questions. After that, they change the roles. Are you ready?

This is an example:
-Is it a boy or a girl? A girl
-Has she got blue eyes? Yes, she has
-Has she got a skirt? No, she hasn´t
-Has she got a ponytail? No, she hasn´t
-Does she like playing football? Yes, she does.
-Is she Helen? Yes, she is Helen.

To learn new vocabulary: skirt, shorts, plait, ponytail, cap, volleyball, baseball and so on.
To know how to do questions.
To know how to answer questions.
To practise speaking.
To practise grammar structures.
To enjoy the activity.

Vocabulary about sports, clothes, physical appearance, grammar structures and questions.

Teacher, pupils and a slide with the drawing of the kids.

Teacher evaluates the effort of the students to speak in English. Teacher evaluate their capacity of asking, their answers, their fluently and accuracy but do not intervene in the conversation. 

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